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11th Aug 2018, 2:10 AM


Emergency Hiatus

Howdy guys! You may have noticed I haven't posted in the last two weeks. It started with me getting very sick and then having to work on top of it. Today I got word that my dad has had a heart attack and is hospitalized and is in critical condition so I will be traveling out of state once again to help my stepmom with my grandmother and to be with my dad. I'm so sorry, I should have posted something earlier but everything feels like it's all just spiraling out of control for me right now. I hope to have everything back on track soon.

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16th May 2018, 11:56 PM



Howdy hi,y'all!

Thanks so much for the wonderful outpouring of support already for my newest venture, I hope you all enjoy the comic! 

That being said, I started Home to help hone some of my skills in making comics.  Mainly Mech and Tech as I greatly struggle with drawing it.  I'm also using it to work on my anatomy, creature design, as well as colouring, and to keep myself sharp on lettering.  Just all and all, I'm using it to develop skills I don't have and to push others I do. 

The first update will not be this Sunday (5/20) but will be the following Sunday (5/27) as I updated it this Wednesday!

I'm currently in Con Crunch for two large upcoming conventions I'm AA'ing at (as well as helping family in the next state over as well as working my 9-5!) so for now I'm aiming for a page a week.  Please forgive me if I fall behind! Life sometimes gets very busy for me c:

Again, thank you all so much, it's been a very long time since I've felt this good about my art.  I hope that you all will enjoy Home as well as anything else I may produce in the future!




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